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Import Control System
M-customs at the heart of ICS
The advantages of the system
Technical features
The plus points of M-customs
M-customs brochure

Import Control System : a new regulatory framework to increase freight transport security


The Import Control System (ICS) is part of the community eCustoms programme. It has been implemented as part of the SAFE standards recommended by the World Customs Organisation to increase the security of international trade imports.

ICS is Europe's electronic management system for goods import security declarations and will be mandatory as of 1st January 2011.

Operators will have to send an EDI message (electronic data interchange) including the cargo ENS to the customs authority at the first point of entry into the EU.

The message must be sent in advance, before the arrival of the cargo and in some cases even before loading gets underway.

M-customs : meeting security requirements


M-customs (MareNostrum customs) is part of the MareNostrum initiative that seeks to facilitate the exchange of information and the dematerialisation of documents for international trade and is the first application meeting safety and security requirements available to operators and customs.

M-customs is an application developed by MGI for logistics community professionals and is part of the drive to computerise logistics and trade flows.

M-customs is the first solution to be ICS certified by French customs on February, 4th 2010 under registered n. ICS-001 and is a pioneer in the implementation of the new regulation.

M-customs at the heart of ICS : turning a constraint into an opportunity


M-customs will enable international trade operators to meet these new regulatory requirements without any constraints.

Key benefits:

  • Facilitates the implementation of new European customs regulations for operators and customs alike

  • Makes companies without EDI systems quickly operational

  • Offers an internet based solution that does not require any investment in hardware

M-customs facilitates data exchanges between supply chain stakeholders and the EU customs authorities, as well as structuring them and making them more reliable.

Services : M-customs, a single point of entry for your ICS messages


M-customs was developed on the Single Window for ICS operations principle and enables you to:

  • Process ENS
  • Process of ENS diverted
  • Process notifications of arrival
  • Track and trace ENS messages (input and error report)
  • Retrieve Edifact, XML and PDF format ENS
  • View, modify and forward ENS messages (first sent by EDI)
  • Create and send new ENS messages (web EDI)
  • Check status
  • Search based on functional criteria
  • Automatically send alerts to the user
  • Make decisions based on statistics

The advantages of the system : a scalable and tailored application


M-customs adapts to your technical solutions and offers you the following benefits:

  • Intuitive and interactive interface
  • Guaranteed to achieve the best response times
  • No installation needed on the user workstation
  • Instant updates and distribution of the application
  • Application useable on any computer with an internet connection
  • Quick adaptation to regulatory changes
  • Quick implementation
  • Immediate integration
  • Software infrastructure cost reduction

Technical features : a secure and open system


A secure environment:

  • Data encryption

  • Electronic signature

  • Data confidentiality

  • Secure EDI

  • Message archiving

Simplified accessibility:

  • Internet network

  • A range of transfer protocols

  • Web EDI

  • A range of exchange formats

  • Web services

The plus points of M-customs : a ready-to-go, integrable and connected solution


  • No hardware or software investment required

  • Available 24 / 7

  • Easy to use

  • Quick integration

  • EDI sending or manual input mode

MGI has been drawing on its logistics and IT expertise for over 20 years to set up innovative information systems for the logistics and freight transport sectors.

MGI is much more than just a software publisher. The company operates as a genuine team of logistics-IT experts who design and produce tools and systems specially tailored to the needs of logistics communities.


M-customs brochure


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